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FAQ’S FOR Jimbiza Lodge (Selous)

How long does it take to travel from Dar Es Salaam to Jimbiza (Selous) by road? The journey takes about 5 hours. 140 km is on tarmac and 100 km on a rough road.

What should we take with us apart from clothes and other normal things? Torch, rain coat during March, a jumper as it does get cold at night, binoculars, insect repellent, a hat

What do you charge for transfers from the airstrip to Jimbiza Lodge (Selous)? Nothing, this is complimentary aslong as it is from the Mtemere airstrip.

What do you charge to be picked up at the train station at Kisaki? We charge $50 per person and $100 if there is only one pack. It must be arranged a week before arrival and is subject to availability.

Can we have tea or coffee at our room? Yes but it needs to be arranged the day before.

Can we have breakfast outside our room? Yes but again it must be arranged the day before.

What type of gamedrive vehicles to do you use? We use Landrover tdi 300 open top vehicles.

Do you do fishing from the lodge? Yes we do but it must be arranged prior to arrival and is subject to availability.

Are games drives shared? Only if we have a lack of vehicles. If you wish to have a game drive alone let us know early and we will make this possible. There are only a few examples of shared game drives in the last few years as we do our best to avoid this.

What sort of food do you serve? We serve continental food but are able to serve special meals as long as we are informed before arrival. Our chefs are experienced with vegetarian and other dietary requirements.

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